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Online Video Class
Watch and Learn at your convenience
Shark Rotary 4th Axis Setup and Operation

- This is an "on-demand" pre-recorded video class so that you can work at your pace.

- The instructor is also available to answer questions by email or through private lessons.

3-hour video course $75

This three-hour class provides a detailed look at setting up and operating your Shark CNC Rotary 4th Axis.

- Complete the request form on this page to receive an email with payment and course access information.

- Course access lasts 12 months (free renewal upon request for 12 additional months)


Learn the essentials of setting up and operating your Shark CNC Rotary 4th Axis Accessory

this course covers rotary project design basics, 4th axis setup, material setup, plus some rotary tips and tricks.

The class will show you how to use VCarve Desktop and VCarve Pro to create and run rotary designs, including flutes, spirals, and 3D carvings.

This class will cover the setup of the Shark Standard and the Mini 4th Axis.

This class assumes you have a working knowledge of using VCarve and creating toolpaths.

If you're new to VCarve, it's recommended that you attend the VCarve Design and Toolpath Essentials course since the Rotary 4th Axis class only covers the VCarve tools and techniques as they apply to the Rotary 4th Axis.

•After completing the request form, we will send you an email with payment and course access links.

Course access links are good for 24 months.

If you have questions about this course, please contact the instructor at Class Questions.

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