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2D projects are available in three formats

Vector (DXF) file only

FPO vecotrs image.png

Vector (DXF) can be imported directly into your VCarve or Aspire program. The .dxf file includes all the vectors needed for the project. Vector files can be imported into any version of VCarve, Aspire and many other CAD programs

Download free sample Vector (dxf) file here

Learn how to import a vector file here.

VCarve file with vectors and toolpaths

FPO VCarve with Vectors image .png

VCarve/Aspires include the Vector files, plus recommend toolpaths for the project

Vector files can be  opened with VCarve Desktop, VCarve Pro or Aspire - Version 11 or higher.

Download free sample VCarve file

Full Learn and Build Project Package

FOP Learn and Build Package_edited.png

The Learn and Build project Package includes written and video instruction on how to design, toolpath and machine this project.

The Learn and Build Project Package also includes the completed VCarve file with recommended toolpaths

View free sample Learn and Build Project package (this links to Teachable)

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