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VCarve Design and Toolpath Essentials undated2.png

VCarve Design and Toolpath Essentials
In this four-session course, you will learn how to use the essential drawing and design tools in VCarve and create tool paths for various projects, including v-carving and 3D carving. The course covers essential VCarve drawing and toolpath techniques with in-depth ...more

Spoilboard setup class.png

CNC Spoil Boards

This two-hour class covers the process of installing and maintaining a CNC spoil board. You learn the pros and cons of different types of spoil boards - plus materials and hardware options.  You will learn how to install, surface, trim and maintain a spoil board...more

Shark Rotary 4th Axis course image.png
Rotary 4th Axis Setup and Operation
This class shows you how to use both VCarve Desktop and VCarve Pro to create and run rotary designs, including flutes, spirals, and 3D carvings. It provides a detailed look at setting up and operating your Shark CNC Rotary 4th Axis. It covers rotary project design...more
Shark Laser course image.png
Shark Laser Setup and Operation
This class covers setting up and operating your Shark Laser accessory (both 2-watt and 7-watt models) – including laser and material setup, how to use VCarve to create laser toolpaths for laser engraving your vector and photo designs, plus some laser tips and tricks...more
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